Providing our guests with clean, well lit and ample parking is a top priority for Westerner Park.

That's why in 2009, as part of our Strategic Development Plan, we expanded our parking lot to include a new entrance on the west side of our site and an additional 586 stalls.

As a not-for-profit organization, Westerner Park invests all of our earnings back into the improvements of our buildings, grounds and amenities. The parking fee will help to cover the ongoing maintenance of our large parking facilities, ensuring they are safe for our guests.

Parking Fee

A $5.00 parking fee will be charged per vehicle entering Westerner Park during major events. Westerner Park reserves the right to determine which events will be classified as major events and the hours in which the parking fee will be charged.

Paid parking will only be charged to those vehicles entering Westerner Park during paid parking hours. If vehicles enter during non-paid parking times, there will be no charge for the vehicle. All vehicles staying on the grounds for an extended period of time will only be charged for parking if they enter the grounds during paid parking hours.

Major Event Parking Fees

One Time Entry
$5.00 per vehicle

Weekend Passes
4 days: $16.00
3 days: $12.00
2 days: $8.00

Parking Passes and Single-Entry Tokens

Multi-day passes are available for weekend events lasting longer than one day, at a reduced rate. This pass allows one vehicle to enter the grounds as often as necessary without further payment. The pass must be presented at the gate upon every entry. Weekend passes can be purchased from the Donald Administration Building during regular business hours, or at the gates during paid parking hours. These passes are non-refundable. The prices are: 4 days - $16.00; 3 days - $12.00; 2 days - $8.00.

Advance, group, and single-entry tokens can be purchased by event planners for their guests. This token allows one vehicle to enter the grounds and must be surrendered at the gate upon entry. Single-entry tokens may be purchased from the Donald Administration Building during regular business hours. Single-entry tokens may be used for any event except for Agri-Trade and Westerner Days Fair & Exposition. Single-entry tokens do not expire and are non-refundable.


All vehicles entering Westerner Park are issued a receipt of any fees paid, which will indicate the date and time of entry. Refunds will only be issued to those vehicles exiting through the exit lane of the north gate, within 30 minutes from the time of entry as indicated on the receipt.

Oversized Units and Overnight Camping

Oversized units will be charged according to the number of stalls they require.

RV and camping units must register at the Westerner Campground prior to entering the event grounds, if staying overnight. The Westerner Campground will issue a permit that must be displayed on your vehicle at all times while on our grounds. Any units not displaying permits may be ticketed by a City of Red Deer Bylaw Officer.

Preferred Park Pass

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