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Welcome to Westerner Park, where community connections thrive, and celebrations come to life! We’re more than just a venue – we're the pulse of unforgettable experiences, the epicenter of cherished memories, and the cornerstone of vibrant community spirit. Join us at Westerner Park, where every moment is a celebration of the Central Alberta way of life.

Event Planning

Westerner Park: By the Numbers

At Westerner Park, we proudly wear two hats, functioning as both an Agricultural Society and a registered Charity. Generated revenue is strategically reinvested to enhance our infrastructure and facilities.

Westerner Park generates more than
$150 Million
in economic activity each year

1.5+ Million
visitors come through our gates each year

133 years
years of event services for Central Alberta

Embracing our community with 

1,237 active 
who contributed 7,137 total hours in 2022