We are Westerners!

Westerner Park delivers a celebration experience. We pair first class facilities with down home service. We treat all of our event organizers and guests with the same welcoming, approachable and trustworthy style that has defined our organization for the past 129 years. We enable and service other organizations to gather and celebrate their own purpose and cause. 

We are Westerners; born from a sense of community and a commitment to agriculture, we have always been guided by the people, for the people. Our pride is deep and our determination strong. Our practical and resilient nature keep us grounded.

We are committed. We are invested. We are focused. We are family. We are Westerners!

Westerner Park’s 2020-2021 Current Strategic Priorities Include; premier facilities, services & event promotion, governance & stewardship, customer service, financial sustainability & economic benefits, staff & volunteer development and community engagement.

Since 1891, Westerner Park has been a place for Central Albertans to gather and celebrate community events. Westerner Park is both an agricultural society and registered not-for-profit with charitable status.

Each year, Westerner Park generates more than $150 million in economic activity, more than 1.5 million visitors come through our gates to celebrate over 1,500 unique events. From weddings and banquets, hockey games and agricultural shows to concerts and trades shows, we continue to be there as Central Albertans join to share in their most memorable moments.