2017 Board of Directors

Damian Zapisocky
Westerner Park President & 
Board Chair 

Janice Wing
Vice President, Chair, Finance, Investment & Audit Committee, Governance

Graham Heron 
Past President, Chair, Planning & Development Committee 

Deb Beck
Elected Director, Chair, Human Resources & Compensation Committee

Rick Polutnik 
Elected Director

Janice Wing
Elected Director

Phillip Massier
Appointed Director, Red Deer County

Dianne Harder 
Elected Director, Chair, Volunteer & Shareholder Relations Committee

Gil Vallee 
Elected Director

Mindy Ganson
Appointed Director, Red Deer Chamber 

Bradley Williams
Chief Executive Officer, Westerner Park



Standing Committees

Finance, Investment & Audit


Human Resources & Compensation


Planning & Development

Risk Management

Volunteer & Shareholder Relations


Lars Rogers 
Elected Director, Chair, Risk Management Committee

Tyler Nightingdale
Elected Director 

Tanya Handley 
Appointed Director, City of Red Deer

 Michael Dawe
Appointed Director, City of Red Deer