2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

Janice Wing
Westerner Park President & 
Board Chair 

Deb Beck
Vice President, Chair, Finance, Investment & Audit Committee

Damian Zapisocky
Past President, Chair, Planning & Development Committee 

Dianne Harder 
Elected Director

Tyler Nightingale
Elected Director, Chair, Governance Committee

Rick Polutnik
Elected Director, Chair, Human Resources & Compensation Committee

Lars Rogers
Elected Director, Chair, Risk Management Committee

Gil Vallee
Elected Director

Marty Velner
Elected Director

Garett Cupples
Elected Director

Allan Seabrooke
Appointed Advisor, City of Red Deer

Mike Szyszka
Appointed Director, Red Deer Chamber 

Connie Huelsman
Appointed Director, Red Deer County

Mike Olesen
Chief Executive Officer & Corporate Secretary