This past month has been an extremely busy time for our property. You may have noticed the construction near the Agricentre. When entering our property please note the directional signs and maps handed out by parking staff as parking at the Agricentre has changed.


The Scott Builders crew has been working tirelessly to finish the foundation of our new Exhibition Hall. Underground services and sanitary lines have been completed at this time. The Agricentre will have one less concession, as demolition has been completed, but don’t worry the new building will have state of the art kitchen facilities to service the public.

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Scott Builders is averaging thirty to fifty workers depending on the day and once the primary steel is up there will be close to one hundred workers on our site. The new Exhibition Hall will not only be your destination for celebration, it will provide employment to many in the construction businesses and when construction is done, provide jobs for our community. The Exhibition Hall will have a positive impact for this region and support our local economy immensely.

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