1. What is the Expansion Project?

The Exhibition Hall Project is a new 70,000 sqft multipurpose venue for larger events, sports and trade shows. This new building is a key component in the connectivity of our site. The Exhibition Hall will connect the Stockmens Pavilion to the Agricentre, which will support indoor people flow through all of our buildings for larger events.

While construction is underway, it is "business as usual" at Westerner Park.

2. How does this Expansion Project correlate to Westerner Park's Strategic Development Plan?

At Westerner Park, we feel strongly that in order to honour the past, we need to have a plan for the future. That's why we've embarked on a bold and innovative long-term development project. 

3. Where will the funding come from for this project?

If you have any questions about funding please contact Nancy Paish at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

4. Who will design the new upgrades?

The Expansion Project design was awarded to Stantec. 

5. Why is this expansion needed?

The answer is simple: more space. The Exhibition Hall will have 50,000 square feet of floor space. This will accommodate large trade shows, and will include a convertible turf system to support indoor turf sports and activities for the winter months. The Hall will include a catering kitchen to support banquets and functions up to 2,000 people and will feature a public gathering space in the front foyer. The expansion will have significant economic impact on Central Alberta in attracting national, international and world events to Westerner Park.

6. Will the construction impact parking and traffic flow for events taking place at Westerner Park?

Parking and traffic will only be affected to the Agricentre. 

7. Will events that are currently booked be impacted by the construction?

Foundation work will begin in April with the main structure of the building being erected in June. We expect to host Agritrade in a temporary capacity in November with the building be completed by February 2019. We have already begun work on utility relocation and enhancement to our site services to support the construction of the exhibition hall and future venues. No, events that have already been booked prior to the expansion will not be impacted by the expansion.

8. How do we maintain building security during construction?

We are sticking to the catch-phrase that during the construction, it is "business as usual". For those events taking place at Westerner Park during the construction, the same safety measures that are enforced year-round will continue to be put in place throughout the duration of the expansion project.

9. How can I get involved and stay up to date on this project?

There are numerous ways to stay informed about the expansion. Join the Westerner Park action by using some of the communication mediums we have below!

Website / Blog: You can visit our blog to get the inside scoop on all of the exciting additions and updates related to the expansion. We will be blogging throughout the course of this project about exciting updates and news you will want to be the first to know!

Facebook: "Like" the Westerner Park Facebook page to receive updates about the expansion.

Instagram: Photos of the progress will be shared sporadically as we reach certain milestones in the building process. 

Twitter: Follow "Westerner Park" on Twitter as it will be heavily utilized to relay information and updates throughout the expansion. Stay involved and tell us your thoughts about the expansion by using the project's official Hashtag; "#WPExHall".