Volunteer Advisory Committee


As Westerner Park refocuses the organization, we are reigniting our emphasis on volunteerism! 

Our volunteer mission is to ensure volunteers feel rewarded for their effort, enjoy their time, and want to continue their service?  

A Volunteer Advisory Committee has been created to help support Westerner Park in achieving our strategic goals and will be recruiting for several positions. The committee will be responsible for providing the successful delivery of a sustainable volunteer program with a primary focus on coordinating with Westerner Park staff in the program's creation, development, and organization. 

Volunteer Advisory Committee membership will consist of the following positions: 

Individuals that are passionate about inspiring and building a connection within the community and enjoy leadership roles and volunteerism are encouraged to apply!

TO APPLY please email your Cover Letter and Resume to the Workforce Department with your name and position of interest title in the subject line (‘Community Representative’ for this position description) to [email protected]

Deadline for application: May 14, 2021. *Pending successful volunteer candidate is selected.

Please note, event details are provided by the event organizer and may change without notice. 

Parking fees will no longer be charged for events happening at Westerner Park. Instead, a small facility fee on each ticket will be implemented. The new fee structure will lower the overall cost to guests while helping keep Westerner Park financially sustainable. Click here for more details.


Event Parking

Parking fees will no longer be charged for events happening at Westerner Park.

For more information about the new fee structure and lower overall cost, please click here.


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