COVID-19 Public Health Restrictions End at Westerner Park

March, 01 - December, 31 2022

There are no remaining public health restrictions that affect Westerner Park. 
We will continue to follow all AHS and Alberta Government guidelines, adapting as needed to ensure we are providing a safe experience for all of our clients and guests.

Visit Alberta Health for all up-to-date information on COVID-19.

Please note, event details are provided by the event organizer and may change without notice. 

Parking fees will no longer be charged for events happening at Westerner Park. Instead, a small facility fee on each ticket will be implemented. The new fee structure will lower the overall cost to guests while helping keep Westerner Park financially sustainable. Click here for more details.

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March 01 - December 31, 2022

Event Parking

Parking is now free for Westerner Park events.

For more information about the new fee structure and lower overall cost, please click here.


* When standard parking fees are in effect

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