April 12, 2017 — In the spirit of spring, Westerner Park staff cooked up something special for the families at Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. The homemade dinner consisted of burgers, sweet potato fries, pineapple ham, lemon rice, Greek salad, grilled watermelon, and a banana split for a tasty treat.

 “Westerner Park is passionate about the community and the food we serve. Creating and preparing a dinner plan is a natural intuition for our staff and having the opportunity to do this for a great cause is even more rewarding,” said Ben Antifaiff, CEO and General Manager at Westerner Park. “Our staff of eight had a great time cooking in support of Ronald McDonald House Home for Dinner program and are excited for our next opportunity.”

The Ronald McDonald Home for Dinner program is a community volunteer opportunity where a group purchase groceries and provide dinner for families staying at the House. This includes cooking, clean-up and packaging leftovers. For more information on the Ronald McDonald House volunteer opportunities, please visit their website.


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2017 Westerner Park Volunteers at Ronald McDonald House

2017 Westerner Park Volunteers at Ronald McDonald House 2