Hitch Yourself to a Winning Team at the 17th Annual Pony Chuckwagon Tarp Auction

The Westerner Park Pony Chuckwagon Committee invites all central Alberta businesses to "hitch yourself to a winning team" at the upcoming Red Deer Motors North American Pony Chuckwagon Championships Tarp Auction on March 18, 2015 at Bellinis Sonic Lounge in the Sheraton Red Deer Hotel.

Businesses will be vying for the opportunity to display their business name and logo on one of the 56 wagons participating during Westerner Days Fair & Exposition. The Red Deer Motors North American Pony Chuckwagon Championships are an anticipated annual event and are viewed by nearly 4,000 spectators each night of the fair.

Early Bird Draw!

All bidders who are registered prior to March 10, 2015 will be entered into a draw for two weekly admit pins and one weekly parking pass for Westerner Days Fair & Exposition.

Bring a Friend Promotion!

Any previous Tarp Sponsor who brings a friend to the Tarp Auction (and both are successful bidders) will be provided with the opportunity to display a 4’ by 8’ banner in the chuckwagon bowl for the duration of the races. Your banner must be provided to Westerner Park by July 10, 2015.

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