Celebrating Over 50 years in Country Music

CHARLEY PRIDE who has been performing his own special brand of Country Music around the globe now for over 50 years will return to Canada in May of 2015, and fans are already looking for tickets.

CHARLEY PRIDE has always had warm feelings about his trips to Canada, often stating that country music fans in this country are some of the greatest, most loyal fans in the world.

Pride is a singer who knows what it takes to please an audience and is often greeted with a standing ovation. There is nothing outdated about his music or the sound he creates with his renowned band “The Pridesmen” as they feature many of his 36 “Number One Hits” in every show. He always leaves his fans satisfied. He knows what they want to hear!

On his 2015 trip to Canada Charley also plans to treat fans to something extra special, bringing along his younger brother Stephen Pride.

CHARLEY PRIDE in Canada in 2015. The magic continues!

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