February 3, 2017 — Westerner Park understands the value and importance of giving back to the community. In 2016 Westerner Park supported numerous events and organizations by providing over $350,000 of gift in kind facility venue space rental. This on-site sponsorship helped support a wide range of community events, agriculture events, sporting events, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Westerner Park support local organizations and group that make a positive impact in our community and share our commitment to creating world-class, family-friendly events.

Westerner Park has been a proud sponsor and supporter of the Red Deer Royals band for approximately 30 years as their temporary home. The Red Deer Royals have been one of the beneficiaries of the gift in kind facility support to host rehearsals, performances and shows.

Ben Antifaiff, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager at Westerner Park said, “I would like to congratulate the Red Deer Royals on their exciting news to have the fieldhouse facility at the new St. Joseph’s High School in Timberland completed four months ahead of schedule. After many years together, we are sad to see the Red Deer Royals leave Westerner Park in April but we look forward to having them perform again in our 2017 Westerner Days Parade”.

Each year Westerner Park has a major impact on the economy of Red Deer and surrounding area. They act as a vehicle that joins various community partners, event planners and guests, bringing them together in celebration. If your organization is looking for information on sponsorship at Westerner Park please visit www.westernerpark.ca/about/in-our-community/community-sponsorship-program to learn more about Westerner Park customizable packages available.

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