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Westerner Park and Neeralta Manufacturing Forge Partnership: Introducing Neeralta Pavilion

May 1, 2024

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May 1, 2024  |  Red Deer, AB

Westerner Park, a cornerstone of community engagement and events, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Neeralta Manufacturing, a prominent Canadian manufacturer based in Barrhead, Alberta. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Westerner Park’s Stockmens Pavilion is renamed as the Neeralta Pavilion.

The renaming of Stockmens Pavilion to Neeralta Pavilion signifies a dynamic alliance rooted in community values, agricultural heritage, and commitment to excellence.

With roots in a vibrant farming community, Neeralta Manufacturing began its operations as Neeralta Welding & Sales Ltd. in 1984, just outside the hamlet of Neerlandia, Alberta. Initially specializing in custom fabrication and repair, the company expanded its repertoire over the years. However, it was the release of their first grain bagger in 2008 that marked a pivotal shift, leading Neeralta Manufacturing to become a leader in grain handling equipment. Neeralta embodies the spirit of ‘Farm Faster®,’ dedicated to empowering farmers with innovative solutions such as grain baggers, extractors, augers, and auger hoppers, thereby enhancing agricultural efficiency.

The connection between Neeralta Manufacturing and Westerner Park dates back to 2010, when Neeralta first engaged with Westerner Park through Agritrade, a renowned agricultural exhibition. Agritrade, a joint venture of Westerner Park and the Red Deer and District Chamber of Commerce, celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, stands as one of North America’s premier farm equipment shows, attracting industry leaders and enthusiasts alike.

Neeralta Manufacturing’s decision to support the community of Red Deer was driven by several factors two of which, include the City’s central location and a shared farming culture characterized by honesty and integrity. Neeralta finds Red Deer reminiscent of their home community and sees an opportunity to contribute positively to the vibrant fabric of the city.

Shelly Flint, CEO of Westerner Park, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re honored by Neeralta Manufacturing’s decision to partner with Westerner Park through the naming rights sponsorship. This collaboration marks a promising new chapter for us both. With this trust comes great responsibility, and we’re fully committed to leveraging this partnership for mutual success, making a meaningful impact in our industries and communities.”

Tyler Nightingale, President of the Board at Westerner Park, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Forging this alliance with Neeralta Manufacturing is a defining moment for Westerner Park, particularly as an agricultural society. I’m truly excited about this partnership, which honors our deep agricultural heritage. Together, we’re geared to celebrate our farming roots while driving forward in community engagement and innovation.”

John Wierenga, Director of Neeralta: “Neeralta has exhibited its equipment at Agritrade for almost 15 years, and we have come to appreciate Westerner Park for the opportunities and growth it has afforded our company. The city of Red Deer has always been welcoming to us and is a place where farmers and all those involved in agriculture meet to network and develop valuable relationships. We view Neeralta’s partnership with Westerner Park as a privilege and advantage to our company.”

As the Neeralta Pavilion emerges as a symbol of this collaborative spirit, Westerner Park and Neeralta Manufacturing are poised to embark on a journey of shared growth and community enrichment. This partnership not only symbolizes a fusion of values and commitment to excellence but also represents a powerful testament to the enduring legacy of agriculture in Alberta and beyond. Together, Westerner Park and Neeralta Manufacturing stand ready to harness their collective expertise, innovation, and passion to inspire positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of community engagement, agricultural advancement, and beyond.


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