Since 1891, Westerner Park has been a place for Central Albertans to gather and celebrate community events.

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Heritage at Heart:
130-year History

Since 1891, Westerner Park has been Central Albertans’ cherished gathering place, evolving from its agricultural roots into one of Western Canada’s premier multi-use facilities. Reflecting the pioneer ‘can-do’ spirit of our region, Westerner Park embodies a legacy rooted in community celebrations.

As the second-largest Agricultural society in Alberta, we are dedicated to cultivating sustainable environments and business models, ensuring the enduring continuity of our organization and the land that birthed our spirit. Serving as the heartbeat of Central Alberta, we take pride in being the nexus where the community comes together to weave the fabric of their most treasured moments.

Honoured to have been the dynamic hub of such a vast and vibrant community for numerous years, our legacy remains at the forefront of our efforts. With this commitment, we tirelessly work to ensure Westerner Park stands as Central Alberta’s timeless gathering ground, a source of celebration for generations yet to come.”

As has been the practice for over 125 years, and will continue for generations to come, Westerner Park Continues to grow resilient connections, allowing our partners to achieve their business and marketing objectives while ensuring Westerner Park remains Central Alberta’s “destination for celebration”