As a not-for-profit organization, so much of what we do relies upon the hard work and generosity of our volunteers:

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How to Get Involved?

  1. If you are a new Westerner Park Volunteer, please complete a Volunteer Application Form.
  2. Then, review the information below for a full list and description of all available volunteer roles. Click on the signup links to select the volunteer shifts you would like.

*Remaining flexible and adaptable during your shifts, as situations may change, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to pivot when needed.*

Please note: Volunteers need to be a minimum of 14 years of age to participate without a parent/guardian present.

Volunteer Application Form

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Rebels Program

Be the first friendly face our guests encounter as they arrive. Scan their tickets and welcome them to the game.
If there is an issue scanning their ticket, you will direct them down to the Tickets Alberta window for assistance.
Once all guests have entered, you may be relocated to other areas as required, or remain at the entrance to provide re-entry stamps as necessary.

Elevate the VIP experience by welcoming guests with box seats at the elevators, answering their questions, and ensuring their experience is top-notch.
Guide people with appropriate accreditations, and identify proper exits.
Administer return stamps to guests for re-entry to the Centrium.
Redirecting inquiries you can’t answer to your supervisor, ensuring spectators receive accurate information.

Support ushers on the concourse level, helping guests navigate the venue.
Maintaining clear entrances by promptly addressing any obstructions or potential hazards, such as wet floors or blocked stairwells, before doors open.
Providing valuable assistance to spectators in locating their seating area with a friendly approach: “Hello, may I assist you in finding your seat?”
Enhancing crowd management by offering guidance, such as suggesting less crowded concession lines for quicker service and similar menu options.
Vigilantly monitoring the spectator area for any stray pucks that might pose injury risks.

Assisting spectators with post-game guidance, directing them to the nearest exit.
Thanking our guests for coming with a smile and welcoming them back!
Promptly report any inappropriate or disruptive behavior to your supervisor.

Safely manage player tunnel access, shielding the opposing team from fans.
Enforce strict access control to the ice level for authorized personnel only.
Provide a welcoming presence for players, coaches, and scouts.
Vigilantly monitor upper seating for potential issues
Aid employees in managing situations involving spectators banging on the glass.
Maintain clear communication with teammates, promptly reporting any issues.
Adapt to challenges, including a restricted view of the game and potential colder conditions at ice leve

Assignments in ZZ and BB sections.
Monitor and restrict access to suite areas for ticket holders only.
Assisting with the doors as F&B staff serve our guests.
Radio use is required with this position. *Training will be provided*

Westerner Days

Whether it’s scanning tickets and stamping hands, providing information to guests about the grounds, or helping ensure cars are being parked in an orderly fashion, these customer service roles ensure our guests are satisfied with their visit.

Help out in our amazing Kidventure by making sure visitors are following the rules, helping facilitate the various activities, assisting with crafts and clean up, and monitoring for safe use of the areas.

Do you love animals? What about larger animals like yaks, donkeys, or horses? We need help with feeding and caring for the live animals, helping to keep arena events on schedule, managing crowds at our exhibits and displays, or helping children navigate and get the occasional tractors unstuck in the tractor maze.

 Explore Central Alberta’s past and help us out by guiding guests through the history of the region and Westerner Park.

Share information with guests, support our other volunteers, and provide information on the various entertainment and attractions that Westerner Days has to offer.