Frequently Asked Questions

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Access hours on the booked days are from 6:15 am – 2:00 am

Currently, we do not offer room flipping services. For further details, kindly contact your designated Event Coordinator.

Certainly, you may leave items overnight during your contracted dates. However, we are not liable for lost or stolen items.

Final numbers for catering are due five days before your event. Refer to your contract for final payment details, as they vary based on your event type.

We offer host, cash, and corkage bar. For further details, kindly contact your designated Event Coordinator.

If your event qualifies for a corkage bar. Please consult with your Event Coordinator for other restrictions.

As a client of Westerner Park, you will be required to maintain throughout the term of your contract, Commercial General Public Liability Insurance with Party Alcohol Liability Insurance (PAL needed whenever liquor is being served at an event) with a minimum limit of $2 million. Details will be provided by your Event Coordinator.

Connect with your designated Event Coordinator to address any changes. Options will vary depending on the timelines leading to your event.

Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all small venues. For larger venues, your Event Coordinator will connect you with Telebyte for your Wi-Fi needs.

Securing A/V equipment for your event is made easy by Westerner Park’s exclusive onsite contractor. Your Event Coordinator will connect with you to facilitate and address your A/V requirements. 

Promoting your event is important to us. Please contact the Event Coordinator for assistance in facilitating that process, making it seamless and effective for maximum visibility.